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Motionless In White Concert Review

Casandra Genovese

October 11, 2019

Motionless in White is a metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania that was formed in 2005. They've released albums like Graveyard Shift, Reincarnate, Creatures, Infamous, and Disguise. Along with their previous EP's. Recently I...


Gavin Willard and Gabe Payen

October 10, 2019

Minecraft is a video game where you load into a random world starting with nothing with the goal of finding resources, and defend from monsters that attack you. Depending on how you want to play Minecraft, there are different ...

should you play rainbow 6 seige

Zane Hoffman

October 10, 2019

I am pretty old to this game I started in operation health, And for those noob\bad or new players its a really old operation to the game. Back in Operation Health they said they will be fixing and repairing the game.Well they di...

The 7 Deadly sins review

Jerry Rojo and Jackson Perkins

October 10, 2019

The Seven Deadly Sins, commonly abbreviated as 7DS is a Japanese anime television series. 7DS debuted in October 2014  based off the manga which was officially launched earlier that same year in August. The English dub was e...

Green Book Review

Coleman Brakefield, Isaac Diaz, and Landon Taylor.

May 16, 2019

"Green Book" was directed by Peter Farrelly and released November 16, 2018. It won best picture and was nominated for many other awards. The movie had a budget of $23 million. Based on a true story, the story follows an Italian...

Avengers Endgame

Gavin Willard, Jerry Rojo

May 2, 2019

Avengers End Game is the fourth movie from the series of the Avengers. It is a fantastic movie and it's probably the movie of the year. so many things happen in the movie that it's confusing to the point where you don't know what...

Earth Defense Force 4.1

Aiden McLemore

March 29, 2019

Earth Defense Force is a game were the world is being invaded by aliens called Ravagers. The Ravagers have deployed complex machines against you to try and capture earth with them also sending giant insects to kill the human race....

Jump Force

Jerry Rojo, Gavin Willard

March 28, 2019

Jump force is a game where they put a lot of shonen Anime characters into one game. It was released February 15th. It’s a fighting game that is a free roam lobby game also. You can also customize your own character and buy clot...

Five feet apart

Coleman, Isaac, Landon

March 28, 2019

"Five feet apart" is a romantic drama that came out in 2019 and was well received. The name implies 2 people must keep five feet away from each other due to illness. Both of the protagonists illnesses can cause death. The movie...

The talent show at PHS

Bailey Etchison

March 28, 2019

The Purcell High School talent show was interesting. The talent show was during Road Week and the kids got to show their talent and get judged by teachers and students. The students look and sounded like they enjoyed it. They...


Brendan Farris

March 28, 2019

"Us" is the newest horror movie from Jordan Peele that hit theaters on March 22, 2019. This is Peele's second movie, the first being the smash hit that was "Get Out" in 2017. Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke, both from the Black...

Naruto Uzumaki

Jair Rojo, Gavin Willard, Gabe Payne, Kadynn Edmonson

January 28, 2019

Naruto is a Japanese Anime about a 12 year old that is the body host of a demon called the 9 tailed fox. At first everyone treated him badly because of the fact that he had the demon that destroyed their village 12 years ago seal...

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