The Weeknd’s Big Performance

Aileen Gaytan

The Weeknd spent around $7 million dollars in the big Super Bowl performance in 2021. He has been planning his big performance ever since ¨Save Your Tears¨ came out around eight months ago. 

The Weeknd focused on making the performance cinematic for the fans at home who stayed at home because of the virus. Many people didn’t catch on with The Weeknd wearing the same red suit and once he performed at the Super Bowl everyone caught on. For example, in one of his videos he was wearing bandages, then he had bruising, then he had “plastic surgery”, and then he looked back to normal at the performance. 

I think that The Weeknd did an amazing performance trying to make it amazing for the people in the crowd and for the people at home. Even though there were a few people at the game, he spent all his money and time planning this big performance. The backup dancers worked super hard on displaying to look like the Weeknd and spent months on there choreography.