NBA All-Star Weekend

Mojo Browning

NBA All-Star weekend is in a few weeks on March 7th. There are many fun competitions to watch and an actual All Star players game. There is a 3-point contest , a Dunk contest , a Celebrity game, Hall Of Fame announcements , a Rising Stars game , and a Skills Competition. Fans get to vote for who they think should be an All-Star and the player with the most votes gets chosen. There is an East and a West team and the players get to be on the team that their actual NBA team region is in.  The NBA All-Star events are for the fans of the NBA and for the players to get a chance to have fun and get somewhat of a break from being on their normal schedules. The players get to come together and just create bonds with each other although there might be rules now that Covid-19 is here but it’s still a chance to just have a great time.