Senior Basketball Boys

Gammy Solis & Jorge Munoz


Although the senior boys have not had the year they wanted, they have kept persistent along the way. The basketball team has been quarantined twice this year but that does not stop them from succeeding in each game they play. The Purcell Dragons Varsity Boys Basketball team is currently 9-4,  and are also ranked 19th in their class. They also got 3rd in the CCS tournament. Mojo browning won Conference MVP and Region 5 All-District team. Misael Duque remains hopeful in the boys state championship run saying, ¨ I think we have a good group to get us real far this year. We have the bodies and the skill to make a big run.”

 The senior boys were the first team to have been coached by Coach Raper for four full years in Purcell. They will be playing seven games in total in the span of a week and a half to catch up on their season games they have missed due to quarantine. These seniors have been playing with each other since the 7th grade. Regardless of the situations that have been going on due to the virus, the seniors boys will continue to finish the rest of their season and won’t give up on their last year of high school basketball to pursue the gold ball.