Why Australia is More Advanced with the Virus

Aileen Gaytan

By following the same protocol as Australia with Covid- 19, we would have more freedom than we do now. Australia has shown that they have the least amount of cases and are almost covid free due to their protocols. Australia showed that going on lockdown for over 100 days in March is worth getting things nearly back to normal. When the virus started to spread worldwide, Australia took matters into their own hands and went into a strict lockdown in March, required masks and strict quarantines for anyone entering the country.  

Even though people disagreed with having to go in lockdown they could have been fined for not following protocols. The government of Melbourne didn’t like the idea of having these strict rules on their citizens, but after seeing the results, Linda Dessau words were ¨glad to finally see some change¨. The United States went on lockdown but there was still some freedom. For example, they still let restaurants open, bars, family activities, schools, traveling, and shopping. They tried not letting in as many people in at once, but there still wasn’t a huge change. 

With the success Australia has, other countries should take notes and do what Australia did to be corona free or with the least amount of cases. New Zealand is also coming in close with having the least cases because they have been going into lockdown, closing unnecessary stores, and having a demand for masks. Even though in the United States a lot of people won’t agree if there was a huge lockdown, they need to follow the rules and it’s not fair if some people are doing the best they can to not go out and wear masks and other people traveling and not being safe.