The Impact of Fashion

Kaitlynn Smith

Fashion is ¨to design or devise for a particular use or purpose¨, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. To me, it is an expression of oneself. Your style describes you without words. Someone who wears bright colors may be seen as sanguine and cheerful. Others seen in dark colors may be perceived as edgy. People in more comfortably fitted clothes create a careless facade of themselves. Fashion is what part of you you present to the world every day. 


Trends derive from fashion and somewhat bring people together. A trend shows interest of the majority and it helps businesses create what people like and it inspires anyone confused as to what they like. In the 70s we had bellbottoms. The 80s gave us scrunchies. Mom jeans are from the 90s. All of these trends were so popular back then and are now making a comeback. This year is pretty interesting fashion wise because you can go into the mall and see fashion over the years instead of just one style. 


Growing up, I was always so captivated by fashion. I enjoyed drawing, painting, and other artistic activities. However, with my body as the canvas, there was more I could do. From changing my hair color, getting a piercing or tattoo, or wearing something different, the possibilities were almost endless. I have always had my own style and it was something not many people understood back then. Even when I was made fun of for wearing what I liked, I never stopped doing it, and now I am who everyone asks for fashion advice. If you like something, stick to it. 


Fashion is different for everyone. It is a physical description of who you are. Fashion leads to more confidence and opportunities. It has been here for years. Trends are always changing, coming, and going. Style affects people by bringing them together, giving an opportunity to express yourself, and much more.