The Amount of Electives at PHS and Why We Need More

Hayden Warren

At Purcell High School, we have a decent amount of electives, but do we need to offer different electives to students?


In the school, we only have one language class, Spanish. To some students this may be appealing but to others they are not interested and would much prefer something else like French or Latin. If this school had more language classes students would be more likely to join. Language credits look good on a college application and could majorly boost this schools amount of kids who are getting accepted into college.


We could also use a different set of sports like volleyball or soccer. There is a lot of kids in this school district who are interested in these but have never been able to play them in the school sports environment.  Having these sports would also possibly get our school more publicity and we could get a new set of students and could definitely increase our budget.


Overall new electives in the school would be very beneficial and are needed. With these electives our school could grow a lot and become a better district to go to.