Motionless In White Concert Review

Casandra Genovese

Motionless in White is a metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania that was formed in 2005. They’ve released albums like Graveyard Shift, Reincarnate, Creatures, Infamous, and Disguise. Along with their previous EP’s. Recently I attended their Trick R Treat Tour show here in Oklahoma City, at the Diamond Ballroom. I have seen them in concert previously a number of at least 7 times. Motionless in White aka MIW is a great band to see in concert. Concerts are already a bit of fun but their concerts are a vivid experience. You can catch special items or there is always merch for sale at the concerts. You meet tons of like minded people at concerts. All of you are there for the same purpose therefore relating and having an instant conversation starter. At the end of the night they always play the same song as their last, “Eternally Yours.” By the end of the concert you will be filled with new memories, new friends, and will have experienced something that you won’t regret. I recommend checking them out even only if it is for a listen, and you don’t plan on seeing them in concert.