David Sikes

Kora Keith and Emily Madden

David Sikes is the coach of the Purcell High School girls basketball team. His favorite part about the sport is the improvement of his players throughout the year, and the strategy of it. He has high hopes for this season, and the new senior leaders. The summer showed promising signs of a good season. He started his coaching career in 2007 at Oklahoma Christian school. Before he made his way to Purcell, he coached at other colleges and Lexington. He enjoys coaching so he can be a positive influence for his players. Throughout his career he has learned that wins and losses always come and go, but an impact can last a lifetime. He believes this season will be drastically different than last season because everyone has more experience. We are bringing everybody back and adding some talented freshman. Outside of basketball, he has a wife and two kids. He is a very good man and would do anything for anyone.