Soccer at PHS!!

Celeste martinez

At Purcell High school we have many sports. We are good at them and we work hard to always make our town proud. Our school offers cross country, track, baseball/ softball, basketball,football, tennis, and golf for both boys and girls. Even though we have all these sports , we do lack one. We are lacking soccer. Our students, both girls and boys, should be offered the choice of soccer. Many students play soccer on teams that are out of town, like in OKC and Norman. Having a soccer team or club at our school would save parents and students money and time. There are also students that wish to form a part of PHS athletics but do not because the only sport they know how to play well is soccer. We would not have to worry about building a soccer field because we already have one! Our football field can also be soccer field. If we were to start soccer at PHS, we wouldn’t have to worry about the costs being high. Soccer should be started by next year!