The 7 Deadly sins review

Jerry Rojo and Jackson Perkins

The Seven Deadly Sins, commonly abbreviated as 7DS is a Japanese anime television series. 7DS debuted in October 2014  based off the manga which was officially launched earlier that same year in August. The English dub was exclusively released on Netflix after the acquisition of exclusive English streaming rights for the anime series. Funimation currently has legal control of the home video rights. The show features many scenes of action and animated gore. There’s a good flow and nicely put together plot to the story meaning that you would probably want to watch from the beginning to understand. There are many flashback scenes so the show isn’t in perfect chronological order. The way the characters develop over time is interesting because when a character is first introduced into the latest arc, the viewers hardly have any idea of who this character really is. Most characters in this show don’t show who they really are until after about a whole season of dynamic character development. Adding on to the concept of developing a main character over time, this show is known to turn main antagonists into secondary protagonists. The 4th season should be coming soon in October 2019.