Earth Defense Force 4.1

Aiden McLemore

Earth Defense Force is a game were the world is being invaded by aliens called Ravagers. The Ravagers have deployed complex machines against you to try and capture earth with them also sending giant insects to kill the human race. The giant insects are ants, jumping spiders, hornets, and many others. The Ravagers are also attacking to take earth with their giant robots, fighters, and mother ships which they are using to attack the earth on a mass scale. You will play as one of the Earth Defense Force soldiers with their being four types with each one have their uses. The first one is the Ranger who is the basic foot soldier of the EDF they have a average amount of health but are the most powerful a long ranges. The second is the Wing Diver who is the flying class in the game with much lower health then the ranger but having the mobility and speed to avoid damage the wing diver is very powerful at close range. The third is the Air Raider who calls in for armor and air support with a average amount of health too but the Air Raiders vehicles can only be piloted by the Ranger and the Air Raider himself but the Wing Diver and Fencer can use the gunners seats or the passenger seats. The fourth is the Fencer who is the tank of the four with the more health then the others by far the Fencer can use two weapons at a time ranging from a heavy weapons to a shield.