2019 OYE

Alyssa Bumpass

The Purcell FFA & 4-H attended the 2019 OYE Livestock Show from March 12-22. OYE (Oklahoma Youth Expo) is the biggest state wide livestock show of the season. Students show cattle, swine, sheep, and goats all season but OYE is where the best of the best go to prove themselves. Showing any animal requires tons of hard work, patience, money, time, and care. Out of all the FFA/4-H students that went to OYE only these students were the lucky winners:

Chase Anderson – 8th class 2 Angus

Jaylen Tate – 9th Class 3 Angus

Cooper Lynn – 7th Class 11 Angus, 8th – Class 3 Commercial Heifers

Jaxon Staggs – 6th Class 16 Angus, 10th – Class 14 Commercial

Emma Lynn – 4th Class 11 Polled Hereford, 11th – Class 3 Commercial

Jasey Baker – 3rd Class 2 Red Angus, 3rd – Class 9 Red Angus

Thomas Edwards – 3rd Class 13 Commercial

I asked “What types of animal’s do you show?” Thomas Edwards said “I show a commercial heifer.” Haiven culp replied by saying “I show pigs, I had a cross gilt and a york barrow.”

When I asked tucker Bloodworth and Thomas Edwards how they prepared their animals before a show Tucker said, “We show every weekend, so my pigs get used to going. The day of the show, I wash and clip them if it’s needed and I try to water/feed them all I can. Thomas said, “I brush her hair, wash her then dry her. When she is fully dry we fit her hair with sprays to put in more color, next we glue to make her hair pop, and finally we shape the end of her tail into a ball like shape.

Haiven Culp answered my question “Do you expect to win anything when you go in the ring?” she replied with “I don’t expect to win anything, I like to walk into each show ring with an open mind.”

I asked “How has your show season been so far?” Thomas Edwards replied with “My show season was incredible, I had the Lynn family there for me 24/7. Haiven Culp answered with “I had a great show season! I am so proud of everyone and myself.”

I wondered if any showman’s pig had gotten the virus? Tucker Bloodworth answered me by saying “No, but one of my friends did. She had made the sale so it really hurt them.

Sadly, this year, the state vet released a statement that there had been a diagnosis of PED virus at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. Several pigs had become ill and all pigs at the show were more than likely exposed to the virus. PED is not a human health risk. Pork products from exposed swine are safe for consumption when properly prepared. Thankfully none of the show pigs from Purcell got the virus but many other schools show pigs were infected.