New Tattoos

Chase smith

Ever thought about getting a tattoo? If you have, you don’t just want a blob of ink right? Tattoo artist aspire to always be the best in their style of tattooing. I wish to become a tattoo artist and eventually open up my own shop one day. I’ve been accepted into USAO ( university Science Arts of Oklahoma ) for a drawing program.

I want to major in studio Design which is just another fancy way of saying process of tattooing. My minor i want to get is business management so that I will be able to eventually run my own shop. After I graduate from USAO, I am going to apprentice at a tattoo shop and work on the small things here and there to critique my skills. Drawing, more drawing, and even more drawings would be my advice to anyone who wishes to become a tattoo artist. drawing your butt off 24/7 is a critical critical aspect of tattooing. you don’t need to literally  draw 24/7 but a big portion of your time needs to be drawing so you can be diverse in different styles.

After roughly a year at the shop I will own my own chair in a shop, and will be able to do my own tattoos, but after about 3-4 years I’ll pull out a loan to open my shop. My specialty will be black and grey work because it’s the most similar to drawing. Photo realism is another style I want to master because people can walk in with a picture and they will want their tattoo to look as similar to the picture as possible. Color realism is also a style I  would like to dabble in.  99% of people will bring you a picture of a colored photo, and like in photo realism, they are going to want the coloring to be as close to the picture as possible. New school tattoos are something I’m going to have the most trouble with but this is why I want to conquer this style. New school tattoos are everyday items that people want tattooed but there doing something that they wouldn’t normally do and its the artists’ job to interpret what the canvas is envisioning and to bring it to life.