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The Battle of Canes East v. West

Chase Smith, Food Critic

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Would you rather have the chicken and sauce from Canes in the West or the East?

I went up to Norman on 11/13/18 just to test the theory of who has the best chicken and sauce. I rode up to Norman with two of my friends Andrew Embree and Nick Woods to go to the Canes on the west side because the simple fact it was more of a convenient  location for us coming from the interstate. I ordered the same meal which is the Box Combo from both locations to have a control and so I could evenly and honestly try to compare the two restaurants, I mean the meals should’ve been the same at both locations right? Wrong! As we got our food from and canes on the west side, I was enjoying my food and it was perfect. I mean the chicken was amazing, the canes sauce smacked like always, the fries perfectly salted and the bread was to die for. We went to the mall afterwards to do a little shopping but mostly to let our stomachs settle, and then finally after 2-3 hours we all decided we felt like we could eat again so I said ” to the east side, ” and off we went. As we got to the restaurant, I instantly knew something was off and wasn’t right about the chicken and after I took my first bite it just tasted off. I looked down at the chicken and thought I was seeing little pink dots and then I decided to pull the breading back off the chicken to reveal almost the the entire piece of chicken was undercooked and as if they put it in the fryer just to give the illusion that it was cooked fully. After I saw this and told my friends, they looked at their chicken and it was the same. We all put our food down and took it back asking for a refund due to our chicken not being done and we were denied because we had ” already taken a bite” so they couldn’t take it back over the counter and refused  us a refund.  It was at this point we looked at each other and decided that this Canes is one we will never be coming back to and we made it known as we walked out warning everyone to check their chicken to see if it was cooked properly or if it was all undercooked chicken.

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The Battle of Canes East v. West