Purcell High School Girls Basketball Season Preview 2018-2019

Mckenzie Hook, Sports Writer

This year’s Purcell High Schools girls basketball team consists of 13 players lead by our one senior, Jacie Carr.  Their Juniors are Alisha Baker, Addie Stanton, Anoli Billy, Sandra Del Toro, and Chelsea Spain.  This years Sophomores are Hannah Buchanan, Kayla Skinner, Emily Madden, and Kora Keith.  Their 3 freshman are Haileigh Smith, Natalie Auz, and Jaiden Avila.  This year’s coaches are Coach Sikes and Coach Clay.

Coach Sikes believes the main goal for this team, “is to continue to get better as we go and not to get our challenges in the way of our lack of sizes.”  Also adding, “this year is going to take a lot of learning, there’s going to be more goods than bads, but as long as we are getting better.”

The first game is on Friday, November 30, of 2018 at Purcell High School, against Newcastle, at 6:30pm.