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Homecoming 2018

Purcell celebrated 80 years at Conger Field with an outstanding Homecoming win against the Douglas Trojans.

Purcell Dragons battled the Douglas Trojans and won with a victory of 44 to 20.

The Homecoming King and Queen were Tayvian Johnson and Vivian Steiner.

Junior’s won float building with a 50’s soda pop shop themed float. Sophomores came in 2nd with a That 70’s Show themed float.

After the game the student body of Purcell High went to the Black Light Homecoming Dance.

Hall of Famers : Lee Reimer, Rick Banta, Doc Martin, Henry Ketchum, Kenneth Lamb, Jason Howard, Scott tucker, Cari Bruehl, Bobby Green, Mike Edge, Kurt Gray, Jill Taylor Mitchell, Angela Eaton, Kelly Nemecek, Jay Taylor, Randy McDaniel, Candy McCurdy, and Darren Woolly.

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