Marvel’s Spider-Man

Aiden McLemore

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is a game I would consider to be great with several new features that haven’t been in the other Spider-Man games. One of the first new features is a gadget system which enables Spider-Man to shoot different kinds of webs  or use special gadgets that help him in combat or stealth. A flaw with the gadget system I had was that I very rarely used them which I know that this isn’t a problem for everyone but for me it made the gadget system seem unneeded. Another new feature is the suits that Spider-Man is able to wear with there being 27 suits in the game which is the most out of all the other games something they also add with the suits is a special ability that gives Spider-Man in advantage in combat. The suits also came with one other new feature, suit mods, which add useful abilities but you can only use three of them at a time. The problem with the suit mods to me is that I knew from looking at them that I would only use 3 of them, none of the rest because the rest didn’t seem as useful.  I know that other people will use a different three but the three will at least have one of the ones I’m using because the three are that much better than the other. The skill tree which is nothing like the other games, I find to be extremely boring and bland because almost all the skills revolve around combat with only a few going toward swinging and stealth and some of the combat skill are skills you could forget the use which made me have no real interest in the skill tree. I think the game is great but the skill tree is the biggest flaw with the game which did sour the experience for me with the combat, swinging, and the stealth being great.

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