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Parker Millsap, A Success

Brea Schultz

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You may know Parker Millsap, because of his amazing vocals, but if you attended Purcell you know him as a 2011 graduate. My sister Brittani Schultz graduated with Parker Millsap, and they were friends. I remember she would come home, and talk about how this guy Parker was a really good singer. She would always tell us that he was going to make it big, because his voice was so unique. Seven years later Parker Millsap is performing at the Sooner Theatre in Norman, Ok.

He has been traveling all over performing in front of stage lights. He even performed on the Conan Show.  He has such an amazing success story that it encourages high schoolers to keep chasing their dreams. He came from such a small town in Oklahoma, and now he has thousands and thousands of fans that know him from all over. He never gave up on his dream, and we should never give up on ours. If you want to check out more from Parker Millsap, here is his YouTube channel                                        Ellie F.




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Parker Millsap, A Success