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In Westbrook with Parker Millsap

Lizzie D., Reporter

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Growing up in Westbrook, our neighborhood, was a blast. All of the kids were always together playing. While my brothers were with Parker all of the time, I had the sister I never had, Shelby Millsap. Shelby is Parker’s sister. Due to this, I was always at their house playing games and such with Shelby. I remember vividly being in the garage while Parker and his band at the time were practicing. At the time, I never knew he was actually chasing a dream. I thought it was just a typical high school band who liked to play. Little did I know that it would pay off.

Parker Millsap is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Purcell, Oklahoma, playing a blend of blues, country, rock, Americana, and folk music. He was featured on the Conan show and performed on national television. He has been travelling all over the world on his tours playing his music. He played in Norman, OK where all of his family and friends could come see him. People can listen to him on music apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc… His albums are ‘The Very Last Day’, ‘Parker Millsap’, and ‘Palisade’. His most recent album is called ‘Other Arrangements’ which is rising in the charts. Parker is growing in the music industry more than he ever has.


Ellie F.
Norman, OK


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In Westbrook with Parker Millsap