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April 2nd Teacher’s Strike

Theodor Geisel

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On April 2nd, 2018, teachers across Oklahoma are set to go on strike. These teachers want better pay, or better school funding, but it isn’t clear. Different teachers are going for different reasons. The legislature would have to pass a massive education funding bill to appease all the teachers and faculty. The teachers want to be paid more, have the support staff paid more, have the schools receive more funding, and some teachers have some ideas about how to get the funding required. The problem with this, or one of them, is that teachers are NOT experts on public policy. They may be experts on how teachers are treated, but they don’t have the expertise or experience required to write legislation. They can make demands, as they are, but they can’t propose a solution because they don’t know what the outcome of that solution is. This is the same idea that applies to victims of school shootings. They can make demands and protest, but suffering does not make them an expert on public policy. My opinion is that they can go on strike, and they can extend school, but I won’t be here. I have a number of sick days saved up, and I don’t want to come back for too long after I’ve graduated.

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April 2nd Teacher’s Strike