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TV shows coming to Netflix in 2018

Melissa B and Haiven C

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Jessica Jones  is said to return in 2018, three years after her incredibly successful début season in 2015. Filming for the second season is said to have been done back-to-back with 2017’s The Defenders, which means that the show should be returning in the first quarter of next year. The story of Jessica Jones is still under wraps since much of the show is supposedly taking place immediately after the events of The Defenders.


Ingobernable  has been one of Netflix’s most successful Spanish-language original shows to date, along with Club de Cuervos. This political drama was renewed for a second season, due in 2018, only a month after the first season premiered in 2017 on Netflix. Ingobernable follows the First Lady of Mexico and her husband, the President, as they face internal and external political challenges. Though it sounds a lot like a Mexican version of House of Cards, it is actually quite different.


13 Reasons Why is arguably Netflix’s biggest hit new series in 2017, and though it came with a lot of controversies and opened up tons of social commentary, it was renewed for a second season due in 2018. Season 2 is poised to dive deeper into the lives of the characters affected by Hannah’s suicide in season 1. According to producers, no new tapes will be presented, and the story won’t center on yet another teenage suicide. Hannah is expected to return to the show in the form of flashbacks, and the rest of the cast is also confirmed to come back.

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TV shows coming to Netflix in 2018