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Van Helsing Series Review
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Van Helsing Series Review

Ethan N., Reporter

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Van Helsing is a story based on an apocalypse of vampires. One of the main characters, Axel , is to protect another main character, Venessa. As she has been in a coma for 3 years, Axel is to protect her and find out what is so special about her. Doc, who originally found out Venessa has some kind of specialty was turned but is kept in a cage as Axel fed her his own blood through a tube. When Venessa wakes up they find out she has blood that can reverse the apocalypse. A bite from her or if she is bitten they will turn back to human. If she is hurt she will instantly heal unless their is a vampire tooth in the wound. Two groups with two leaders want this girl and to destroy this girl due to her being a threat. Venessa just wants to find her daughter, Dylan. Axel tries to keep her from leaving so that they can save man kind. She is willing to after they find her daughter.


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Van Helsing Series Review