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Mrs. B. McCurdy – PHS Teacher

Cole S., Reporter

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Mrs. Betsy McCurdy teaches math at Purcell High School.

Where were you before you came to Purcell? “College at OSU.”

What would the students be surprised to find out about you? “Nothing.”

What’s your dream car? “Something new and free.”

Do you enjoy teaching? “Yes.”

Why did you decide to start teaching? “I like math, and I like helping other people with math.”

Why did you choose the subject you teach? “Math is a big puzzle and I want to solve it.”

How many years did you go to college? “Five.”

What was your favorite subject in school? “Band.”

Who was your favorite teacher? “My first grade teacher.”

Do you play video games? “No.”

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Mrs. B. McCurdy – PHS Teacher