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Mr. Cupp – PHS Teacher

Faith S., Editor

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Coach Cupp teaches computers here at Purcell High. He is one of the many coaches for the football team and is very passionate about making sure both his students and players do everything to their full potential.

Where were you before you came to Purcell? “Clinton, OK.”

What would the students be surprised to find out about you? “I’m pretty laid back.”

What inspires you to be a teacher? “Getting to witness the success of the students achieving their goals.”

Do you have any embarrassing teaching moments? “None that I can remember or want to share.”

Do you prefer one of your classes to the other? “They are all equally as enjoyable.”

What would you be doing if you weren’t teaching?” I would start a water sprinkler company, installing water sprinkling systems. I would also like to hang Christmas lights. Yes, I have thought this through.”

So, how’s the weather? ” Its’ definitely getting cooler.”

Global warming, real or conspiracy? “I think it’s real.”

Favorite conspiracy theory? ” That Tupac is still alive.”

How do you feel about fidget spinners? “I wish I had one.”

Do you like The Office? “Is that a TV show? I’ve never watched it.”



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Mr. Cupp – PHS Teacher