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Senior Night on Friday

Julie Franco, Chief Photography Editor

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Senior Night will be on Friday, the 28th of October against the Anadarko Warriors.

The football and band seniors will be introduced before the game @ 6:50. During half-time the cheer and cross country seniors will be introduced.

I, myself, have been a football trainer ever since I was able to in seventh grade, I can’t believe my last high school football season as a trainer is almost over.

Many seniors, including Daytin Christian, fast pitch catcher and cheerleader, feel the same way.
“I’ve been playing softball since I was two or three, I am now seventeen. I’ve cheered since I was three for the most part,” says Christian.

In the seniors’ four years of high school they have made some great memories.

“A memory about high school I will always remember is getting to be around such a great group of guys and coaches that are on the same mission as I am,” says senior football player Dylan Collateta.
Some of the memories we will never understand unless we were there.
Claudio Munoz, varsity right guard and Tate Grissom, receiver, share the same favorite memory.
“Our favorite memory that we will never forget is when Jarrett Sweeney acted like Paul Revere and said ‘The red coats are coming,” says Munoz and Grissom.

The memories are not limited to football, however.

“One memory that I will never forget is marching at Oklahoma Bandmasters Association (O.B.A.) my junior year with a torn A.C.L. and M.C.L. and popping my knee out of place during the show and not caring one bit because it was the best performance of my life,” says Justin Koerner, Drumline member, said.
Even though seniors seem to be independent in their school years there will always be someone who influenced them on the way.
“My mom and my grandmother influenced me the most throughout high school,” says Caitlynn Land, color guard member.
Austin Nation, cross country runner, gave credit to those around him for his success.
“My coaches and teammates are the ones that influenced me the most. They always pushed me to do better then I knew I could,” says Nation.
“I would say the person that influenced me the most in high school was my mom. She pushed me to do my best in everything and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her,” cross country runner Masheli Lewis said.
“I think the person who influenced y high school life the most is Brandon Rolin,” Kyle Varner, varsity center, said.
Once class of 2017 seniors leave there will always be something we miss about being in Purcell High School.
Brenda Diaz, cross country runner, said “I will miss being trapped in a building with all my friends and favorite teachers for eight hours is what I will most most,”

“I’ll miss the Friday night football games and seeing all my friends. I’ve always has “senioritis” and now it’s finally hitting me that I probably will not see half of these people again and I think that’s what I’ll moss the most,” Astanzia (Stanzi) Gibson, cheerleader, said.
Most of the seniors have their whole lives planned out ahead of them, but some are having a hard time.  Many of us will never come back, but Purcell High School is a great place to make great memories.

Class of 2016 Fall Sport Seniors:
Football: Brady Barrett, Omar Brown, Dylan Collateta, Dillon Cook, Julie Franco, Tate Grissom, Ethan Hall, Max Hofegartner, Darrell Kimball, Tre Melone, Claudio Munoz, Christopher Rader, Kyle Varner, and Brett Webb.

Band: Cody Bradley, Brianna Clark, Jonathan Corrillo, Casey Gilman, Kelsi Jennen, Justin Koerner, Caitlynn Land, Braiden Maggia, Meckency Medina, Claudio Munoz, Alex Pendley, Alena Pirtle, Elizabeth Powell, and Kody Walker.

Cheer: Addison Burton, Daytin Christian, Cheyenne Fulks, Stanzi Gibson, and Raigan Tompkins.

Cross Country: Daniel Carter, Kelton Clary, Brenda Diaz, Riley Hamilton, Masheli Lewis, and Austin Nation.

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Senior Night on Friday